woman reaping benefits of dental plans

How Dental Plans Work

Dental insurance can help you pay for a beautiful, healthy smile. Your plan may go beyond the usual cleanings and checkups as well. Depending on the dental plan you have, you may have to pay more, but there will be extra benefits. Knowing how dental plans work, especially yours, can help you decide what treatments…

smiling guy has dental crown

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a permanently fixed device cemented into your mouth. Crowns do many jobs, such as replacing damaged or decayed teeth. Your dental crowns last a lifetime when you care for them properly. How a Dental Crown Works A dental crown caps or covers a damaged tooth or implant. Having this cap over…

woman with toothache needs urgent dental care

Urgent Dental Care

Having a painful tooth or other irritation in your mouth indicates you have a dental problem. However, there are different levels of pain and many potential issues that can affect you. How do you know when you need urgent dental care or when your particular issue can wait for a scheduled appointment? According to leading…

Affordable Dentistry in Orlando, FL

Affordable Dentistry

Finding proper dental care is both challenging and scary. Ideally, you want a dentist that’s trustworthy, compassionate, and caring with a great supporting staff. Above all, you need an affordable dentistry. Therefore, do the excellent care you expect and affordable pricing go together? Affordable Dentistry with Quality Care You deserve the healthy, beautiful smile you always…